Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge

If you are missing one or more consecutive teeth, a dental bridge is a great option. It replaces the missing tooth or teeth through a permanent attachment using the adjacent teeth. In other words, a bridge has a dental crown at each end with the artificial tooth or teeth in between. Dental bridges improve speaking and chewing while correcting your smile.

Is replacing my teeth important?
Dental bridges improve your smile and help with your mouth’s structure. A missing tooth or teeth can cause existing teeth to rotate or shift. Replacing teeth is a preventative and cosmetic procedure that can also protect you from gum disease and future dental work.

Are there other options aside from a dental bridge?
Dentures may be another option to replace teeth. Patients tend to prefer a dental bridge due to the permanent attachment and natural appearance. Every patient has different needs and a consultation will offer the best solution. Contact us today!

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