Occlusal Guards

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Occlusal Guards

Teeth grinding and clenching can damage your teeth. It may cause headaches, toothache, and jaw pain. Protecting your teeth is crucial especially when grinding and clenching are usually an involuntary behavior. Occlusal guards are customized, removable mouth pieces that are worn primarily at bed time. In extreme cases, patients may wear them during the day as well. Protecting your teeth against grinding and clenching is important to avoid breaking and losing teeth. Waiting for a broken tooth or tooth loss can be costly to correct. Save your smile and wallet with occlusal guards.

Do I need two guards? One for the top and bottom?
Most patients only need the top, which is called the maxillary guard. In other cases, only the bottom or mandibular guard is prescribed.

How much are they?
An exam and consultation is needed to prescribe occlusal guards. Every situation is unique. Depending on yours, we’ll narrow your best option and discuss cost.

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