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Dental Implants

Are you conscious about your smile due to missing teeth? If that is the case, your wait is over! No need to hide your mouth while laughing and lose confidence while talking to people, we at Westside Dental in Springfield MA know how to fix your aesthetics and make you feel beautiful again.

Tooth decay, periodontal disease, and injuries are reasons for missing teeth. Dental implants can replace a missing tooth. Not only do they improve your appearance, but they also help with chewing, speaking, and oral health. Dental implants are very durable and, with proper care, can last a lifetime.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a titanium artificial tooth root that is anchored into the jaw. They are easy to maintain with regular brushing, flossing, and routine dental visits.

A dental implant is not a recent concept and can be looked back to the old Egyptian times where seashells were used as an alternative to replace the missing teeth. A dental implant is a bio-compatible material inserted into the jaw tissues to restore the proper functioning mechanism of the mouth. It plays a pivotal role for cosmetic purposes because a smile is a curve that can make you feel more beautiful and confident. A dental implant acts as a device which is placed on or within the associated jaw bone to support a fixed or removable prosthesis.

Are you dreaming of that perfect smile? If yes, a dental implant should be your choice because it resembles just like your natural teeth, so say goodbye to all your aesthetic related concerns. It will enhance your smile and provide you with a permanent solution when maintained with care.

Types of Dental Implants

We at Westside Dental offer different types of dental implants based on our candidate selection criteria. It can either be the replacement of a single tooth, a group of teeth or just a placement of an implant bridge when you have two or more consecutive missing teeth because after all, we love to spread beautiful smiles.

There are mainly three types of dental implants:

  1. Endosteal Implant: It is a per-mucosal type of implant which acts as a device directly integrated into the alveolar bone of the jaw. It involves opening of the gum tissue, drilling a hole within the alveolar bone and insertion of Titanium screws then within the jaw bone.
  2. Subperiosteal implant: At times some of our patients are suffering from bone loss related to their jaw so in that cases we mostly consider them as an ideal candidate for a subperiosteal implant. These implants based on a metal framework which do not penetrate the bony ridge of the jaw and are mainly useful when not enough bone is available to conduct an endosseous implant procedure.
  3. Transosteal or Staple implant: The procedure involved in the placement of transosteal implants is very complicated. It penetrates the entire thickness of the jawbone with its use restricted to an anterior area of the lower jaw.


We assure to restore your smile to its former natural glory, but that requires multiple steps and a significant amount of work. The most important and initial step in treatment planning is always the selection of the best candidate. Selection criteria are based on specific anatomic prerequisites and age limitations. Anatomic preconditions involve resorptive process, soft tissue condition, available bone, height, width, length and contour of the bone, mandibular canal and maxillary sinuses as well as implant crown contact.

The Westside Dental consider our patients like our family. We make an effort to select an acceptable patient. A biocompatible implant material is then chosen to assure proper surface quality and creating an adequate socket in bone. A perfect surgical procedure is then carried out allowing healing to be completed with the appropriate bone interface and without any pathological stress so that our patients regain their maximum functioning.

At times we may require certain specific imaging to evaluate the condition of the bone and even the proper placement of the implant.

A dental implant is a two-step procedure involving a surgical and restorative phase.

  • Surgical phase: In this phase, an artificial titanium root, considered as an implant, is placed in the jawbone which acts as a replacement of the origin of the previously missing teeth. It fuses with the jawbone by a process called osteointegration. The patients who are not having adequate bone to support the implant, we can offer them a bone graft as a better support option.
  • Restorative phase: Implants usually require a few weeks or months to heal properly, and if our patients are much concerned about their aesthetics, we offer them a temporary restoration for that period. Once the healing completes, an abutment is placed to build a connection between the dental implant and the customized porcelain crown so that our patients feel happier and more confident with their newly created beautiful smile.

How Long Do Dental Implants last?

We are living in an era where permanent things are value over a short temporary relief. If you belong to such a mindset, a dental implant is your treatment of choice. Dental implants serve as a permanent solution.

Dentures and bridges are less expensive but may offer a short life-span. Such appliances require replacement and maintenance every few years. By contrast, dental implants need no replacement if adequately planned and handled with care. The clasps of a denture and the bridges exert forces on the adjacent teeth which results in bone loss whereas dental implants can fuse with your alveolar bone by a process called osteointegration. A healthy brushing and flossing habit can make an implant last a lifetime.

Implant therapy failures can happen either due to complications that arise during early phase following implant insertion or after the reconstruction of the implant. It occurs due to improper implant site preparation or lack of stability following implant insertion. Other reasons could be bacterial contamination, premature loading, excessive loading or any infection.

Can Anyone Get a Dental Implant?

Essentially, everyone can have a dental implant. However, those with bleeding disorders, uncontrolled diabetes, radiation treatment, and other health conditions will not qualify due to risky complications. Communicate with your dentist about any health conditions and treatments. Remember, there are alternative solutions to replacing teeth. We want to provide you with the best one.

Is It Painful?

The procedure can include mild discomfort as the area heals. Fortunately, common pain medication like over-the-counter options can help.

Our patients will always remain our top most priority. We know how to deal with your dental fear or anxiety by our comfortable atmosphere. The opening of the gum and drilling of the bone may sound very painful to our patients, but we always consider your comfort as our priority. A local anesthetic is given to the patient before the start of the procedure to minimize any type of discomfort. Sometimes sedatives can also be used.

You may feel some discomfort immediately after the surgery which can even last for a few days accompanied by some bleeding and minor pain-related symptoms. We have a solution to all your problems so need not to worry because we will recommend some good painkillers.

How Much Does a Dental Implant Cost in West Springfield?

We cannot estimate the required price for your dental implant unless a thorough oral examination gets conducted. Why are you waiting then? Call us and book your consultation so that we can get an honour to rebuild your everlasting precious smile.

The price for an implant varies concerning to patient needs. It differs with whether or not a bone graft will be required, the number of implants needed for the patient, materials used and if any insurance coverage is available.

According to us, never choose a dentist just due to a low cost because a dental implant is a very extensive and complicated surgery and the pricing may depend on the quality of work provided, reliability of materials and advanced technology appliances used.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

We know that dental implants are not pocket-friendly and at times dental insurance fails to help you with your implant expenses. We would always recommend you to check with your dental insurance company and verify whether your dental implant expenses receive coverage or not. Certain financing organisations offer loans for health-related goals so you can even think of opting for one.

We know there is no one out there who does not dream to have that perfect life changing smile transformation. This smile transformation for us is quite extraordinary because it is not just a smile, but the fact that it enhances the confidence and happiness of our valued patients.

Is a Dental Implant My Best Solution?

Westside Dental Springfield clinic is well known for high-quality work and expertise which we provide. A dental implant is not an easy task and requires a lot of accuracy and knowledge. You know we care for your smile so give us a chance to create more symmetry and perfection in it.

Our patients trust us and are always happy with our dental implant therapy. They tell us how confident they feel with their new smile and what a difference it has made in their life.

Creating changes like this in someone’s life is what keeps us going and help us achieve new milestones. We love the fact that the smiles we create can change lives and it is quite amazing how a perfect set of teeth can transform your beautiful precious smile. We love to work hard to provide you with excellent results.

A consultation is the first step to assure a dental implant is the best choice. Contact us today so we may begin the process to improve your smile.

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